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In 1967 Darrell Taylor bought this business. At the time he was living in Reno, and working for an insurance company. After buying the business he moved his wife and two kids to Winnemucca. In 1997 his daughter, Crystan, who had been working at the office since a very young age, started buying the business from her father. In 1998 Crystan went to a Safeco Insurance conference in Seattle where she met Paul Thurman. Paul grew up in southern California and also came up in a family that owned an insurance agency. He started working for his father’s office in 1987, then joined the U.S. Army in 1993. After coming back from the Army he worked again for his father for a couple years. In 1999 Paul moved to Winnemucca. Paul & Crystan had only one child, Madyson. She started working for the family business in 2019 as the I.T.-Tech and social media coordinator. She is also doing college, and raising a family of her own.

Valley Insurance sells Personal Insurance, Commercial/Business Insurance, and Small Group Health.
We are licensed in Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon.

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